Today started early, but not as early as tomorrow and beyond. The cab picked me up at 7:45am, with Heather onboard, and we headed out to Gregg’s house. But Gregg didn’t know the name of his subdivision, so we got a nice tour of the nearby local neighborhoods. The flight to Norfolk was uneventful.
Upon arrival, we had to stop at Target for some much-needed Febreze™. We trudged through the slime and up the many steps to the boarding level of the dry dock barge. Wet shoes and metal do not add up to a great amount of friction, and the catwalk to the ship was interesting. Our rooms were not as expected, and we were reassigned. My new room was completely uninhabitable. I was given another new room, and we set to work.
Heather and I walked the ship gathering a few pictures (researching access points and documenting their locations). Those pictures are in the photo album Dry Dock – My "Day 1".
Going forward, the maintenance/repair crews will be at my door at 7am, so I’m dropping this in and heading to bed. I’ll be in touch tomorrow!

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