Yesterday was so hectic, I never even got the chance to post an entry, so this is it.  I took some pictures, but have no computer to hook the camera to, so none for this entry.  I have just a couple to post, including one of the video screen in operation.  Keith promises we can watch a movie on the way back, but I suspect everyone will be continuing to bring everything back to guest quality during that time.
Later today, I’ll try to get hooked up and download the new pics.  Heather has some to post as well, so we’ll have to coordinate.
Highlight of the day… watching Gregg try to convince Brian to stop asking about picking up Darla.  She arrived at dry dock (courtesy of Gregg, not Brian) at about midnight.  Gregg had the pleasure of carrying her bags up the steep steps (a picture of which — the steps, not Gregg on them — will be posted as soon as I get access to a USB port).
See ya real soon!
P.S. – Once I get 5 minutes to figure out what the "real" day it is, I’ll stop referring to them in terms of my own dry dock experience.  I think it’s Day 10 today, making this the entry for Day 9.

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