OK, by this time you should have followed me to "absolute dry dock days" instead of "my dry dock days".
Anyway, today has been an horribly long day.  Why did I say "has been"… it’s not done yet!  That 7am visit from a guy with a key and no manners is going to come EARLY tomorrow (later today, now).
The POS system did not behave today (why change now, right?).  The network stabilized, destabilized and stabilized again.  We brought the SPMS up for some of the users.  It went back down.  And that’s where we are now.
However, today was the best of the picture days… the day when we all go under the ship!  Take a look at the pictures I put up for today.  Then get a look at Gregg’s (edit… couldn’t locate Greggs… but I’ll put them up as soon as I can).  My socks were ruined by the muck, but I knew that would happen (when else do you see me wearing socks??), and it was well worth it.
I’ll be back with more (better?) news tomorrow!  Tonight, they lower the ship into the water… but it’s too dark to photograph.

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