More pictures!!!

I thought it was too dark to catch the water level rising as they lowered the ship into it.  But the pictures are quite clear for the times they were taken.

As promised, I have better news today.  The POS system is up and running!  Silly little network glitch.  As with so many computer issues, the solution is a 5-minute fix preceded by a 2-day search for that fix.

Our scheduler is also up and running.  Cabling appears to be (mostly) done.  We’re almost in ship-shape (pun highly intended!).  Just a few more "blitz" items like POS workstations and game room setup.  These are not small by any means, but once all else is up, these will be assaulted by the entire team.  We were expecting to arrive at Port Canaveral tomorrow night, but it looks like early Friday morning is the new schedule.  We will stay on right through to Saturday morning (EARLY, I’m sure).  Then we’ll unload and hopefully go home…but not too hopefully.  We don’t go until the guests are sure to be amazed, not shocked, by what they see.

I’ve sailed quite a few times, but never landed a stateroom quite as unique as the one I’m in right now.  It’s in the very aft portion of the ship, and the decks have steel walls with large circular openings instead of the traditional railing.  To enhance the look of this balcony, they installed wood panelling and some instrumentation (compass, clock, barometer, and one other dial that I can’t remember the purpose of).  I’ve photographed those for you to see, too.  Spend money!! Sail on these ships!!!! Keep me on the payroll!!!!!

Well, that’s all for today’s update.  I’d suggest visiting Aaron’s blog in the meantime, as he’s made it to the west coast.  He’s reached fulfillment, but his journey does not end now.

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