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OK, so my eye-doctor has resumed taking my insurance again.  Turns out the clinic changed hands just about the time I was to go last year, and it takes forever for the insurance to register a new doctor.  My contacts had run out and I couldn’t get a new prescription.  So I went a year "four-eyed".  The transition became unnatural.

"The transition" is that moment when you remove your glasses and insert the contacts.  Standing still, everything looks fine.  It’s all clear, and throughout the day I’ll even try to adjust glasses that aren’t there.

Then I move.  Lenses propped an inch in front of your eyes cause the scenery to move at a different pace as you turn your head.  There’s a small, but very perceptible "wobbly" feeling as your brain tries to reconcile clear vision without that altered movement.  I’d swear I move more naturally with no glasses on (or in total darkness, for that matter) than I do for the first 3 minutes in contacts.

Over time, you adjust, and there’s virtually nothing to switching between blurriness, contacts or glasses.  Just a couple more days, I suspect.  But, hey, I can wear cool $20 shades now!

Right now, all the eyeglass/contacts swappers are wondering why I’m posting this — it’s SO obvious.  However, all the 20/20 people will be asking them about this effect tomorrow.

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