The joke goes like this
(it’s bad… so you’ve been warned… and it’s old, so you might not get it)…
Ever heard of Mil Famey?  Of course not, and it’s a sin.  Back in the golden days of baseball, along with players like Babe Ruth and Lou Gherig, there was a pitcher named Mil Famey.  No one could hit his fast ball.  His curve ball swung three feet away from straight.  But his success caught up with him, and he developed a fondness for the drink.  It got to where he was sneaking beer onto the mound with him during the games.  Eventually, he was playing drunk and couldn’t get a ball across the plate to save his life.  At the end of the season, at the end of the team’s last game, the opponents had won without hitting a single ball, marking the end of ol’ Mil’s career.  Two of the winning team’s players were walking on the field after the game, and one tripped with a loud clank.  "What was that?" asked the other.  The stumbling player picked up a crushed can and said, "That’s the beer that made Mil Famey walk us!"
Ok.  So it’s just an ordinary joke.  But not when Dad tells it.  Aside from the fact that he’s laughing so hard by the end that you can hardly understand the punchline, he replaces the name "Mil Famey" with something akin to "Bob Stanford" (if you don’t know the commercial tag line, this doesn’t matter and the joke makes no sense when correct).  When you’re familiar with the joke told correctly, this is hilarious.  Otherwise, you look around for someone who can help you figure out just what was right and what was wrong.
Many years ago, I had a friend over to dinner.  I warned him about my dad’s jokes.  During the meal, it was three guys (me, Michael, and Dad), and three girls (Mom and my sisters, Lynda and Caroline).  Dad ran off one of these jokes (I wish I could tell you which one), laughing hysterically by the punchline.  No one got it, but Michael and I started laughing because it was exactly what I’d said would happen.  The ladies looked back and forth at each other, perplexed.  Finally Lynda said, "It must be some ‘guy’ thing."  That just made it funnier.  We couldn’t say anything and were practically in tears by the end.
It was so trivial, but it’s those kinds of moments that really stick with you. 
So, what do my kids say about me behind my back.  I know I have some oddball "dad" behaviors!

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