Contrary to popular belief, it’s important to buy flowers for your wife/girlfriend for GOOD things, and NEVER to make up for something done wrong.  Keep their connotation positive.  And do it fairly often and in front of her friends if possible.
We recently went to my wife’s 15th work anniversary celebration.  I wanted to surprise her with something, but couldn’t come up with the right thing.  So I landed on a corsage.  However, as it came time to buy it, I began to doubt myself.  See, she had a sheer dress, and a pin was out of the question.  So it would have to be a wrist corsage.  Would she want something dangling from her arm all night?
So I asked, ruining the potential surprise.  "I haven’t worn one since … well since PROM NIGHT!", she said.  AAHHH… what did that mean?  I decided to go the bold route and ASKED AGAIN, "Is that good or bad?" 
"Are you KIDDING?  It’s great!  I’d love a corsage!!"
So, I stared at the dress and did my best to memorize the color.  Then I went into the florist like a bumbling idiot.  They showed me an array of ribbons and I picked the best color match.  I then went back to work, hoping it would turn out nice, and picked it up on the way home.  She was thrilled.
The best part, though, was how much attention that little corsage got her from her co-workers and/or their spouses.  A couple of white roses and some ribbon made her the envy of so many women at the event.
So, when you want your loved one to feel special, get flowers.

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