Yeah yeah… I know… that’s as much news as a car driving down the street.  But it generally doesn’t happen
I heard from my uncle today that a murder occured at the duplex home where we each lived as kids (no longer in the family — total strangers)!!!  It was a jealous boyfriend kind of thing.  We are unclear as to whether it happened in my grandfather’s side of the house (where my uncle lived) or our side.  But the Newsday article said it was a back bedroom.  That means it was either my sisters’ shared room at home or my uncle’s room next door.  EWWW!
This is from the New York Daily News website… apparently more details were posted in the paper version of Newsday:
Ex-beau killed in dispute

A Long Island man was shot and killed when he dropped his son off at his ex-girlfriend’s Queens home – where he found her new boyfriend hiding, cops said.

Keith Thompson, 19, of West Hempstead, was shot in the chest after fighting with the new beau, who may face murder charges.

The shooting came after Thompson showed up with his 10-month-old son at the boy’s mom’s Brunswick Ave., Far Rockaway, home about 11 a.m. yesterday. Her new boyfriend, identified by sources as Kurt Buchanan, 22, of Hempstead, L.I., was there and hid.

Thompson found Buchanan and the two fought, ending up in a back bedroom with a loaded gun.

Two shots were fired – one striking Buchanan in the arm, the other hitting Thompson in the chest.

The baby was unhurt.

Tanyanika Samuels and Carrie Melago
Edit:  My uncle Larry, who read the article himself, confirms that it was on my Grandfather’s side of the house.  In his (Larry’s) room.  Creepy stuff.

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