OK, when they called it Second Life, they didn’t indicate its ability to suck you away from your first. This is “The Sims meets chat rooms”, and you’re seeing me (towel dutifully strapped over the shoulder!) in my own Second Life.

An article in Popular Science indicated you could build things here. I joined on the hopes that I could exercise my 3D building skills. I have no doubt that’s true, but I need to feel it out a bit first. The place is HUGE… and just about all of it was built by the residents, not the hosting company. To really build, you need to get a paid subscription, and mine is free.

My only question… where are all the “normal females”? Not that I have any problem with vamps, but if just a few were walking around in jeans and tees, the family friendly factor would be a bit higher. As is, I go in after the kids are asleep.

So, in the meantime, let’s call this a passing phase, addictive as it may be. My recommendation… definitely check this out — even if temporarily — just to get the nature of it. Just remember it’s your second life, and keep yourself anchored in your first!

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