As my regular readers know, I’ve been entertaining a serious addiction to an online environment called Second Life (aka “SL”). I did a little expose on a great deal of people I hang around with there, and shared pictures. Well that group has expanded greatly, but I’ve still got a couple of really close friends with whom I spend the bulk of my time (you may remember Jaycatt from an earlier post).

Rosa G. is my best friend in SL, and she’s started a blog of her own. I helped her with formatting and some setup, but the content is all hers. She posts her observations on life and follows each with a poem of her own creation directly related to the post. It’s a wonderful site to read, and I really think you should head over there!

Rosa’s Rambles

Thanks, Rosa, for your positive contribution to the Blogsphere!

Just a quick note… we don’t have RSS publishing turned on for her site yet, so you can’t add it to Bloglines. But, I think a public feed will soon be available.

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