I love having a camera with me anywhere I go. I love the fact that when I see something odd, I can capture it — not beautifully, mind you — to share with others later. When it comes to taking meaningful shots, I admit, I am challenged. But I love to capture the irony in things and little amusing bits that make me smile or laugh. Here are some recent examples. Sorry… I’m easily amused, I guess.

YES!! Under 172!
Down to 171.5 pounds!!! Can I subtract even more weight for the cell phone I had in my hand at the time of this shot?

In this shot, I thought I was experiencing my own version of Silent Hill. There is a huge white Mormon temple less than a mile away. I could see it, but it was faint enough that the camera could not.
My own Silent Hill 1
This is SMOKE. Not fog, smog, or haze! Truth be told, it’s difficult breathing this stuff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And they say this entire year is going to be bad this way for Florida. :(
Here’s the same shot about 8 hours later…
My own Silent Hill 3
My own Silent Hill 2
Again with the smoke. By the way… that white SUV proceeded to cut me off and prevent me from taking a “right on red” at the traffic light. GRRRRR!!!!

I could not live here
This is a street I couldn’t live on. I would not be willing to write that name on my return address. Who comes up with these names? Don’t they realize there are people out there with a sense of humor like mine who will mock those who live there???

So… there’s the “At Random” viewpoint I see during my daily travels. I hope it brought you a little smile, too.