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Aynde posted about this, and I took the bait… not entirely sure I’m happy with the results! But… I’m a good sport, so what the hey!!


Which Princess Bride Character are You?
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“Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?”

    Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen

I’ve finished my first week at work. And what a week… every day, out the door before 9am, back in the door after 9pm. But the work and the company are fantastic! It’s just a few of us, in an office building that was once a little hotel. It was a hectic week because it was only four days and there was a deliverable to the client on Friday afternoon. We made it!

Animating the giant squid

In addition to the hours, though, was the commute. I am being put up by a friend, and she lives about 30 miles from my workplace. That’s 30 “Los Angeles” miles, mind you. They don’t go by fast. Michelle and I are hoping to live significantly closer to both of our jobs (which are about 10-15 minutes away from each other). We’ll see what the real estate fairy drops in our laps. :)

In any case, if you look at the picture, you can see a hint of what we’re making. There’s a giant squid holding a submarine on my screen. How cool!!!

OK… off to meet with some friends for dinner. Just wanted to drop a quick post and let you know what I am up to! Oh, by the way, nobody tucks in their shirts in this town. You want that story?

I made it into California at about 7:30pm (PST) last night. I made the calls I needed to make, ate a quick meal, and went to bed early at 10pm (which still, to some degree, felt like 1am to me!).

The trip was a major success. I took one wrong exit and ended up headed into downtown Los Angeles, but had it corrected with my host’s help within 10 minutes.

The trip was actually fun for the most part. I suffered a little anxiety over being alone in the middle of the desert here and there, but the car never threatened to overheat, and the road was pretty good for the most part. Even the construction areas never dropped below 60MPH.

A major highlight of the trip was meeting Aynde and Stud Hombre, with whom I’ve been blogging buddies now for about 18 months! BTW, she’s as cool in person as she is in her blog.
Aynde and Family

There is also a sense of accomplishment to driving 12-plus hours per day for three days straight! I can now check off “driving cross country” on my life-long list of to-do’s.

Today, I’ve got a nasty little headache (sinus? eyestrain? exhaustion? who knows?). Anyway, I’m nursing it along, hoping it’s gone for tomorrow, when I start work. I’m glad I scheduled a “down day” between the trip and first day.

Thanks to all who put up with long boring phone calls during the trip and helped me maintain a little sanity! Travel adventure over, career adventure JUST beginning!!!

I an posting this from my cell at a rest stop on I 10. Last night, I
saw a comment from Aynde telling me look her up if I passed through
Houston. I was approaching Houston at the time! We met this morning
and had a nice breakfast together! How cool is that?!? More on that
when I have a real keyboard…


Wait!!! In the words of the immortal Douglas Adams (who, ironically, wasn’t)…


Whew… that in mind, off I go! Be back when I have a computer with an internet connection!!!

OK, this is going to have to be a really quick post. Hope I get it all correct. I’m leaving out names to protect the innocent. :)

Friday, last week, I heard I “had a job” and all but had to be told so. So, I got just a few details and hugged my cell phone all day just in case it rang. No such luck.

All weekend, I was pins and needles. I’d heard about opportunities before, and they fell through before I even got the call.

Monday, I was told, “it’s going to happen!”, but I kept up my guard. At about 2:30, I was given a name and a phone number and told to go ahead and call from the school parking lot (no reception inside, but my instructor meant “don’t go home!”). I did, and I was offered the job sight unseen. :) “I loved your demo reel!”, I was told.

I am working for a small company, something of an upstart. Again, so as not to offend, I’m leaving this intentionally vague. However, I can share that the owner of the company is VERY well established in the Lightwave 3D community, and has done some work you have undoubtedly seen. I was offered a salary that was not quite what I’d been making before, but significantly above the “acceptable minimum required to switch careers” I’d set back when I started school.

Here’s the shocker (for some of you, at least). It’s in HOLLYWOOD, CA! I will be spending 3 days on the road (I’ll be back to help the family move, but my car won’t). I have a contact out there who will let me borrow their guest room until I can get something semi-permanent established. The family will follow, not terribly far behind.

So… that’s about as much as I can share openly at this time. I’m thinking it’s quite a bit, actually! I hope to keep you up to date on this as the whole migratory story unfolds!!!





Details to Follow — Too Many People To Call Right Now!

It’s Meez!!

If you go to, you can create your own! Thanks to Catholic Mom for leading me to this great site!!!

(later edit…)
While I’m on the topic of my “virtual self”, take a look at this one…
Second Life mirrors Real Life
That’s me on Towel Day with my Second Life self. Not too far off, huh?

Starbucks Coffee has these little thought provoking paragraphs on their coffee cups called “The Way I See It”. Dr. Victor J. DeNoble was quoted on a recent cup I had (#188 in the series), and one phrase caught my attention so strongly that I kept the cup so I could post it here. He was talking about how his research in the tobacco industry prompted him to testify against it.

“There are some events in life that don’t need a decision — just action”

There is something positive happening for me at this moment that is embodied in this statement. I hope I can share it soon.

Boy… I’m all about the cliffhanger these days, aren’t I?

What in your life requires no decision, just action?

How strange… seems I start all my posts lately with the same apology. Ah well.

In any case, I have some new stuff coming down the pike. I have worked on two projects in animation: one paid (and ALL consuming for the past 2½ weeks), and the other unpaid. I am, as of yet, unable to post on either of them, but I expect to be able to show them off in the near future.

Keep your eyes on this space for more news. In the meantime, watch this and see if you can figure out which is mine (should it ever appear, haha!) …
Sci Fi Channel Video Maker Competition

Thanks for dropping by!!!