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My friend Rosa ends every one of her posts with a little poem, most often custom written to go with the post. I thought I’d join in the spirit with one of my own as I near the end of my stay at the hotel and head back to my friend’s guest room. Michelle’s arrival and closing on the house are less than a week away! And the kids will be here soon after!

Tomorrow night
We reunite,
My beloved computer and me.
It’s wrong for a geek
To be apart for a week
From his favorite technology.

The little hotel
Was kept so well
By unseen maids but at such cost
With evenings spent
In deep lament
Over the socialization I lost.

With family and friends
At the furthest ends
Of the country where it’s three hours ahead
Even my phone
Left me alone
Since it’s rude to wake someone in bed.

But in just a week or two
My family will be here, too
And my computer will have its new home
So, when all are in bed
Back online I will head
And when they’re awake, I will not be alone.

I’m posting this one quickly, as I am on the way out the door and have no internet at my hotel. Hopefully I type the links correctly.

Anyway, I may or may not have mentioned that I had a short-term project after graduation from Dave School. Well, I’ve kept quiet about it until now, but I think it is safe to share.

The owner of the school asked some friends of his to put together a musical number about Battlestar Galactica. It was to be used for a video for a competition on the Sci Fi Channel ( Well, the song that came back was a humorous rap song about life on Earth after the journey across space was over. Come to think of it, wouldn’t current-day Earth life seem awfully mundane?

We made the video using computer generated versions of little characters called “Minimates”, which are collectible figurines representing characters from TV shows. SciFi must have liked it because WE WON! Our video will be aired during a Battlestar Galactica marathon before the new season. WARNING: This video is absolutely in the “TV-14″ category for language and content.

If you go to the SciFi channel’s site (see the link above), the name of the video is “Homecoming” by Jeff Scheetz.

If you want to see a better copy, go to

I hope you like it!


This was too funny...

While searching for houses, I came across this sign. There’s nothing apparently special about it to most of you, and I really can’t explain too much without violating my own personal privacy guidelines.

Still, there’s a group of people who are liable to burst out laughing when they see it. One person even suggested there must be a lot of collisions at this intersection. Wagner and Armstrong, you meet again!

Still no internet. I am back in California, again. The pace lately has
been nothing shy of breakneck. Granted, I am having fun, but I really
miss communicating. I owe so many people phone calls, and now I am
even cut off from the bulk of my online friends. Rest assured, as soon
as I have internet, or even a spare moment at work when I am not on
the phone with my realtor, I will be reaching out to my much neglected
friends! Don't give up on me yet!

Tonight I am staying in Dallas. I didn't plan this stay, but the
airline insisted, even footing the bill. Orlando and my family will
just have to wait. Ah, the joys of the jet set!


Two and a half days without a live internet connection and I'm ready
to paint a face on a volleyball to chat with! How pathetically
addicted can one be? Thank God for cell phones!