Today we had an earthquake (technically yesterday by now). I’m going to consider it practice for the real thing, as no one got hurt (all I’ve heard thus far was two people were injured in the quake… both by banging their heads trying to get under a table).

The key thing I learned today was how quickly people plug up the cell phone circuits. I could not reach anyone, which is hard because that is the first instinct (after self preservation). We felt the shake in Hollywood, and had no way of knowing if we were at the distant edge of something huge or in the middle of something minor. Luckily, we had internet, and once the shaking stopped, I could tell home was not very much affected.

It’s funny to watch. We’ve had a lot of construction going on near work. So a little shaking is not a surprise. Everyone just stopped and looked up. Then came the realization it was a quake. There wasn’t room in a doorway, so I stayed near my desk and got ready to drop next to it (new guidelines suggest finding a space that would form a triangle if something falls). It was over before I could kneel. The overall mood was a big “oh well”. Then we went outside for a bit.

So… should the big one come, I really don’t know what I’ll do. Make for a doorway before they fill up? Run outside? Or just get down beside my desk? But for now, no one was hurt, and I know that phone silence is to be expected. Oh well.