The following is a list compiled by my 7-year-old son about things in his life and how they rate. Rather entertaining, if I may say so myself. I’ve done my best to preserve the original spelling and punctuation.

Things To Do Good Or Bad
music no
science yes
keroty yes
art no
fun yes
boring no
Thomas Edison Great
xbox 3-60 Awsome
Wii Awsome
GameCube Awsome
Evry Game tation Awsome
Work Boring
x-box Awesome
Evry thing that a 7 year old boy would want Awesome ya
computer games Awsome
School boooooooo boring
homework boooooooo boring
weekends woooooooooooo ya Awsome
Barbie boooooooooo boring
Girl stuff terible boring boooooooooooo
People that kick my but Scary not smart mean
people that get me in trouble not smart
people that hog time not nice
candy wooooooo ya awsome
Hershy’s Woooooo ya Awsome
baby toys booooooooo boring
Remember when it was all so simple to categorize? Hee!

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