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Just a quick post in case that last one: a) hurt your brain or b) made you question mine.

Two little pet peeves I would like to set straight… (clears throat):

  • At Starbucks, a 16 ounce, medium coffee is called by the Italian “grande” — pronounced “GRAHN day” — and, Ms./Mr. Barista, you do a fine job pronouncing that. But, please don’t take that pronunciation to the next level and call the 20 ounce, large, aka “venti” (Italian for 20, for anyone who didn’t know), by the name “VEN tay”. It’s pronounced “VEN tee”.
  • And the letter “Σ” (hope this shows for you) is a Greek “S”, not “E”. It always rubs me the wrong way to see the word “GRΣΣK”.

OK… I’m done now. Back to my usual cheerful, optimistic view on life.

I love having a camera with me anywhere I go. I love the fact that when I see something odd, I can capture it — not beautifully, mind you — to share with others later. When it comes to taking meaningful shots, I admit, I am challenged. But I love to capture the irony in things and little amusing bits that make me smile or laugh. Here are some recent examples. Sorry… I’m easily amused, I guess.

YES!! Under 172!
Down to 171.5 pounds!!! Can I subtract even more weight for the cell phone I had in my hand at the time of this shot?

In this shot, I thought I was experiencing my own version of Silent Hill. There is a huge white Mormon temple less than a mile away. I could see it, but it was faint enough that the camera could not.
My own Silent Hill 1
This is SMOKE. Not fog, smog, or haze! Truth be told, it’s difficult breathing this stuff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And they say this entire year is going to be bad this way for Florida. :(
Here’s the same shot about 8 hours later…
My own Silent Hill 3
My own Silent Hill 2
Again with the smoke. By the way… that white SUV proceeded to cut me off and prevent me from taking a “right on red” at the traffic light. GRRRRR!!!!

I could not live here
This is a street I couldn’t live on. I would not be willing to write that name on my return address. Who comes up with these names? Don’t they realize there are people out there with a sense of humor like mine who will mock those who live there???

So… there’s the “At Random” viewpoint I see during my daily travels. I hope it brought you a little smile, too.