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Click here for Heather’s Pictures from Dry Dock. 
I’m at home now.  But, yesterday, I didn’t have a chance to post, so here’s some pictures (just two) of the new game in the Ocean Quest room.  This thing is incredible. I’m just sad I didn’t get a chance to play.
Dry dock is over… and I’m home only two full days late.  I’ll pick back up on the random stuff from now on…

Sorry, all, but no pictures today.  You wouldn’t have wanted to see them anyway, as all I’ve seen is computer screens (I posted one yesterday and it wasn’t interesting).

We had some good things happen today.  A reboot test of the POS (Point of Sale for those who were wondering) went very well (it started nice and fast).  We got the interfaces up and running with the exception of two, both of which may have suffered some cable damage as part of the fire that Nicholas mentioned earlier.  Many of the POS terminals have been reconfigured and they’re popping online at a rapid pace.

Things are starting to disappear from the hallways and the ship is starting to look like the ship.  I’ll try to post later when the day is closer to "done".  Talk to you then!

More pictures!!!

I thought it was too dark to catch the water level rising as they lowered the ship into it.  But the pictures are quite clear for the times they were taken.

As promised, I have better news today.  The POS system is up and running!  Silly little network glitch.  As with so many computer issues, the solution is a 5-minute fix preceded by a 2-day search for that fix.

Our scheduler is also up and running.  Cabling appears to be (mostly) done.  We’re almost in ship-shape (pun highly intended!).  Just a few more "blitz" items like POS workstations and game room setup.  These are not small by any means, but once all else is up, these will be assaulted by the entire team.  We were expecting to arrive at Port Canaveral tomorrow night, but it looks like early Friday morning is the new schedule.  We will stay on right through to Saturday morning (EARLY, I’m sure).  Then we’ll unload and hopefully go home…but not too hopefully.  We don’t go until the guests are sure to be amazed, not shocked, by what they see.

I’ve sailed quite a few times, but never landed a stateroom quite as unique as the one I’m in right now.  It’s in the very aft portion of the ship, and the decks have steel walls with large circular openings instead of the traditional railing.  To enhance the look of this balcony, they installed wood panelling and some instrumentation (compass, clock, barometer, and one other dial that I can’t remember the purpose of).  I’ve photographed those for you to see, too.  Spend money!! Sail on these ships!!!! Keep me on the payroll!!!!!

Well, that’s all for today’s update.  I’d suggest visiting Aaron’s blog in the meantime, as he’s made it to the west coast.  He’s reached fulfillment, but his journey does not end now.

OK, by this time you should have followed me to "absolute dry dock days" instead of "my dry dock days".
Anyway, today has been an horribly long day.  Why did I say "has been"… it’s not done yet!  That 7am visit from a guy with a key and no manners is going to come EARLY tomorrow (later today, now).
The POS system did not behave today (why change now, right?).  The network stabilized, destabilized and stabilized again.  We brought the SPMS up for some of the users.  It went back down.  And that’s where we are now.
However, today was the best of the picture days… the day when we all go under the ship!  Take a look at the pictures I put up for today.  Then get a look at Gregg’s (edit… couldn’t locate Greggs… but I’ll put them up as soon as I can).  My socks were ruined by the muck, but I knew that would happen (when else do you see me wearing socks??), and it was well worth it.
I’ll be back with more (better?) news tomorrow!  Tonight, they lower the ship into the water… but it’s too dark to photograph.
Yesterday was so hectic, I never even got the chance to post an entry, so this is it.  I took some pictures, but have no computer to hook the camera to, so none for this entry.  I have just a couple to post, including one of the video screen in operation.  Keith promises we can watch a movie on the way back, but I suspect everyone will be continuing to bring everything back to guest quality during that time.
Later today, I’ll try to get hooked up and download the new pics.  Heather has some to post as well, so we’ll have to coordinate.
Highlight of the day… watching Gregg try to convince Brian to stop asking about picking up Darla.  She arrived at dry dock (courtesy of Gregg, not Brian) at about midnight.  Gregg had the pleasure of carrying her bags up the steep steps (a picture of which — the steps, not Gregg on them — will be posted as soon as I get access to a USB port).
See ya real soon!
P.S. – Once I get 5 minutes to figure out what the "real" day it is, I’ll stop referring to them in terms of my own dry dock experience.  I think it’s Day 10 today, making this the entry for Day 9.
Today started early, but not as early as tomorrow and beyond. The cab picked me up at 7:45am, with Heather onboard, and we headed out to Gregg’s house. But Gregg didn’t know the name of his subdivision, so we got a nice tour of the nearby local neighborhoods. The flight to Norfolk was uneventful.
Upon arrival, we had to stop at Target for some much-needed Febreze™. We trudged through the slime and up the many steps to the boarding level of the dry dock barge. Wet shoes and metal do not add up to a great amount of friction, and the catwalk to the ship was interesting. Our rooms were not as expected, and we were reassigned. My new room was completely uninhabitable. I was given another new room, and we set to work.
Heather and I walked the ship gathering a few pictures (researching access points and documenting their locations). Those pictures are in the photo album Dry Dock – My "Day 1".
Going forward, the maintenance/repair crews will be at my door at 7am, so I’m dropping this in and heading to bed. I’ll be in touch tomorrow!