As my long term readers know, I love finding hidden 42′s in signage and movies. The little odes to the works of Douglas Adams always garner a smile from me. That said, I am not of the belief that EVERY 42 is placed. Some are just happenstance. But those are fun too. Here are two examples.

Michelle and I often take the boys to Fort Wilderness Campgrounds to ride their skateboards while we get a healthy walk in. Well, apparently walking is out of style as so many people cruise the campground in golf carts. I’ve taken to watching the numbers of the carts, looking for number 42. For YEARS, I’ve casually taken note of every cart we’ve passed. Well… after acknowledging that either the cart doesn’t exist or was adopted by some official with a Hitchhiker’s Guide obsession like me, we found it! (big whoop, I know… bit it is for me!)
Cart #42!  Finally!

The next two shots are even a touch cooler. We went out on the fourth floor overlook at Disney’s Contemporary Hotel, and the boys climbed some steps to see the monorail track. I followed them up, and sure enough, there it was again! The segments of track are numbered. The one entering what I still consider the coolest hotel on property was 42. So I snagged a couple of shots with the monorail itself in view. On these, you may have to click through the picture and view “all sizes” to see the label.
Monorail Track Marker 42

Monorail Track Marker 42

All of this reminds me. I need to migrate my pictures from the old Microsoft blog over to Flickr. At the very least the 42 set, which is not tied to any specific time period or blog entry.