Well, folks, I finally made it! The last few months involved lots of time. There were 7-day weeks for 2 months, and some of those days went longer that 16 hours. But, as a class, we pulled together to drop our final project in just 17 seconds before the countdown clock ran out.

The real heroes in this scenario are with me in this picture. They put up with a very STRESSED EricAtRandom for a VERY long time. Michelle was nothing but supportive, and even stayed several days in a tent with the boys to ease the stress of my total absence during the last week of project work. MY GREATEST APPRECIATION TO YOU, MICHELLE AND THE BOYS, FOR HELPING ME MAKE IT THROUGH THIS EFFORT AND FOR COVERING FOR MY ABSENCE AT HOME THROUGH ALL OF IT!!!!!!

I put up a few pictures for now, but there are many more I need to get hold of to complete this entry properly. I even have one with George Takei!

Graduation was such an incredible high. We showed our completed episode of “Star Trek New Voyages: World Enough And Time” to a packed theater. The crowds cheered at most of the visual effects shots, including both of mine. It’s really something to see your work on a movie screen and hear that shouting coming from behind!

At the end of the show, the New Voyages team stood up and bowed to us as their effects team. Mind-blowing! There’s no description shy of that to explain it.

When I came home from celebrating that night, I signed into Second Life… partially intoxicated and totally exhausted. Just a quick hug from friends and good night was my plan. Nope… I got THIS:


My friends in Second Life decorated our house with balloons and banners and waited for me to show up! I couldn’t believe it! Poor gang probably lost a good deal of sleep! :) In this picture, that’s me on the left (Marvin), Semaj in the tie-dye, Skoshi in the white tee, Rosa in the distance, Bashiri in the “Predator” look, and Flaming Moe in the giant metal mech. Jaycatt and Sporked were also there, but probably obscured by the bots. :) These guys make up such a wonderful crowd! I literally sat at my computer with a tear in my eye. THANKS YOU GUYS, YET AGAIN, FOR TAKING THIS HIGH ONE NOTCH HIGHER!!!!!!

I know a lot of you have wondered about me and the status of my blog. Well, I’m fine (although a little worn of late!). Truth be told, after the long hours at school, I would come home, feed my Second Life addiction for an hour perhaps (family already gone to bed), and settle in for 5 hours or so of sleep. I apologize for the lack of entries, and I really hope to go back to every 2 or 3 days from now on. So long as I am unemployed, I can pretty much guarantee that.

However — and I’m stepping out on a limb here — I have reels in at a couple of places, one of which I’ve been told by connected individuals I should be a *very* strong candidate. So I’m hopeful without merit, but since I’ve been away, I felt I should share my early optimism.