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Over the past week, I’ve been pretty good about getting off my butt and on a stationary bike.  Just three workouts so far, but they were like this as I try to find my current level:
  • 7/20 – 7 minute warmup and 20 minutes "manual level selection" varying from levels 3 to 8 of 20 on the bike.  5 minute "manual level" cooldown.
  • 7/23 – 7 minute warmup and 20 minutes "random mountain" at level 7 of 20 on the bike.  5 minute "manual level" cooldown.
  • 7/25 – 7 minute warmup and 35 minutes "random mountain" at level 9 of 20, 5 minute cooldown on treadmill.  Later, a 2.5 mile walk with the family.

I heard it took the "Supersize Me" guy over a year to lose what he gained in 30 days.  Knowing the disparity of gain to loss, I decided it’s time to act — before I’m "supersized".

So, I know it takes three weeks of a desirable behavior to create a habit of it.  I’ll use that time to find my workout level and to make a habit of getting to the gym.  When I’ve shaken my recent sedentary period completely, I’m going to start the weight circuit.  In the meantime, I’m workin’ on it! 

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