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Ok… we came across the escape pod.  So, somewhere on the planet, Arthur, Marvin, Ford, and Zaphod are up to something!

C’Mon, guys, show yourselves!  I want a seat on the ship when you head back up!!!
(this is the full-size prop from the film on the backlot of the Disney MGM Studios theme park — I have to go back with more than just my camera-phone!)

I got my license plate in July of 2004.  I’d heard about the new Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie coming out and was afraid other aficionados would jump on themed plates as the news spread.  The plate “ANSWR 42” was taken, so I settled on “ANSR 42”.  In that time, I have been approached just once by someone who recognized it (other than through me).  He’s a British fellow who works in my building.  At traffic lights, I watched in the rear view mirror for someone to see it and smile, and I never saw a glimmer of recognition.


Well, today, it finally caught a stranger’s eye.  I was at a traffic light, and a woman pulled up behind me.  She laughed outright, causing me to hit every memory button on my radio to find what was so funny – to no avail.  Then, she pulled out a cell phone with a camera and carefully aimed it at the back of my car.  She pushed a button, examined the screen for a moment, laughed again, and put the phone away.



I want everyone to know that, while I enjoyed the film, I don’t feel it captured the essence of the radio show (the original medium in which it was presented).  I have followed this story from its inception in 1979 through today… radio series, book, BBC TV miniseries, Infocom video game, and film (sorry, I missed the stage play and graphic novel).  This is why you see referrals back to the story.  In the final novel, we meet the main character’s daughter, and her name is Random just like my blog. 


I apologize to my wife and my co-workers, who had to live with me during the making of the film and the revival of the radio series to cover the remaining novels.  I was only slightly more obsessive during that time.

"Time is an illusion… lunchtime, doubly so!"
        Ford Prefect
Did Douglas Adams have insight into the modern corporate world, or have lunch hours always been figments of our imagination?
Speaking of "On time…"
-  I must admit I am only aware of two types of meetings:  Those I am late for, and those I have not been invited to.
-  Douglas Adams said he loved deadlines.  He felt they make the most wonderful "Woosh!" sound as they go by.
What’s Forty Two?  Why, the Answer to The Great Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything!  Even Google knows this!
I just added a photo album (one pic now, some more later) to showcase the 42′s I may find by coincidence or otherwise.
In the case of the blurry phone-cam shot taken while boarding the Buzz Lightyear ride at Disneyland, I am certain it was placed, not coincidence.  In the cartoon series, Buzz’s ship is plastered with a large 42 as well.
I have a couple more from Disneyland in my camera and in my wife’s phone, but I’ll have to get to those devices later.  My kids have come to help me in this quest, but their interest comes mainly from the movie, not the 1979 radio series as mine does.