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High Cholesterol?  Eat More Chocolate!
Yes, that’s right.  I will be adding a daily chocolate bar to my "no fries/no coke" diet.  The caveat?  It has to be a single, 3.5 oz, DARK chocolate candy bar.  With all that fat and sugar removed from my diet, I’m hoping this little bit added back in won’t slow me down in my weight loss.
Cilck here to find out more.
Well, that was fun.  Do you believe me?
Actually, the most painful part of an angiogram is the repeated stabbing with the anesthesia needle.  Once the anesthesia is in, it’s entirely painless.  In any case, yesterday’s report was a glitch.  I have no blockages.
I do,  however, have some amazing images (see "Photos" section).  There are a few frames of one of the videos they took (there were 13 in total).  I felt this one displayed the heart the best.  In the picture below labelled "bullet", you can see a brilliant white object in the upper left corner.  That’s the bullet I took three years ago.
Well, I am nursing a headache at this point (they gave me a sedative, and I think this is the "hangover"), and I’m supposed to be less vertical than my computer chair allows, so I’m stopping here.
Went for my nuclear stress test and echocardiogram today.  Everything was good right up to the end, when the "stress" part of the nuclear stress test showed a slightly lower bloodflow than the "unstressed" part.  This could be a problem, or my diaphram could have gotten in the way of the picture.
So, we ran over to the lab and gave another phlebotomist a try at "stick the arm."  Tomorrow, I’ll be injected with more radioactive dye, and we’ll do a cat scan (I think I have this right…they’re going through the groin, but I didn’t think this was a traditional angiogram).  That way they can see if it is really an issue or if I just had my diaphragm in the wrong place (how embarrassing ! ).
Oh, by the way, at weigh in — 172.
For those who didn’t know, I had tests done last week for a very minor pain in my chest.  The results were all normal (x-ray, bloodwork, and EKG).  Today was the follow-up, just to be sure, on the cardiologist’s recommendation.  It never hurts to be safe (except during the actual insertion of the needles).  I had the choice of taking the next test in two weeks or tomorrow and decided not to wait.  There is no "emergency" that we are aware of.
EDIT:  After some further web research, I have decided tomorrow’s test is an angiogram.  The doctor repeatedly called it a "cat", which was short for "catheterization", not a reference to a CAT scan.