About three years ago, after a wonderful photographer could no longer justify travelling from Louisiana for employee shots at our job, Michelle and I took the kids to Sears. It wasn’t very good. The shots came out OK, but the experience was frustrating and the photographer even lost patience at times with the kids.

Well, today, we went back to Sears. What a difference! Look at the photos in my strip at the top of the page. Click on one to see the whole album in Flickr. The two ladies who handled this evening’s shoot had the kids laughing the entire time. The kids were having fun with all the poses. The pictures came out wonderful, and they then applied effects like vignettes and sepia tones. To top it all off, we could purchase a CD of the pictures with a release to use/copy them as we wish!

We’re SO happy with these photos. I hope you enjoy them even a fraction as much as we do. By the way, no edits here. Some of the photos are shots we did not chose to develop, but I left them in anyway. It’s just more fun to see all of them.